The Milwaukee Estuary AOC has historically experienced algal blooms and oxygen depletion due to high levels of nutrients entering the waterways from various sources including our homes, yards, and streets; agricultural fields; and wastewater treatment plants. These algal blooms and oxygen depletion negatively impact the environment and humans but since the Milwaukee Estuary was designated as an AOC in 1987, many efforts have been implemented and are underway to improve water quality within the AOC and surrounding landscape. Watch the video above and check out the links below to learn more about the Eutrophication and Undesirable Algae Beneficial Use Impairment and the proposed approach for addressing it in the Milwaukee Estuary AOC.

Assessment Lead: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Monitoring Leads: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District; Milwaukee Riverkeeper; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Outcome: Cleaned-up Waterways

More Information: Milwaukee River Basin TMDL; MMSD Water Quality; Milwaukee Riverkeeper Baseline Water Quality