Grand Trunk Cleanup & Wetland Restoration

Grand Trunk Cleanup & Wetland Restoration

The Grand Trunk wetland is situated on City of Milwaukee property, between E. Stewart Street and E. Bay Street. It historically was part of the Grand Trunk Car Ferry rail yard. Due to the site’s historic railway and port industrial activities, there is contamination present within the wetland and adjacent slips. So along with a planned restoration of the wetland to improve fish and wildlife habitat remediation is needed. The project will be completed along with the contaminated sediment cleanup project in the Kinnickinnic River and Estuary, through the Great Lakes Legacy Act. Restoration of this area provides an important opportunity to improve wetland and riparian habitat in the estuary. Public access is being considered and there is potential to include a trail or wildlife viewing areas.

Partner Lead: City of Milwaukee

Status: Design

Outcome: Cleaned-up Waterways & Restored Ecosystems

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