Kletzsch Dam Fish Passage

June 2023 Project Update: 

Construction has begun on the Kletzsch Dam Fish Passage. Watch the video to learn more about the Kletzsch Dam Fish Passage project, what the fish passage will look like, and how the construction will impact you.

Fish and other aquatic species need to be able to swim up river in order to access food sources, reproduce, and establish healthy, stable populations. When man-made barriers like dams prohibit or delay fish movement in our waterways, fish passage can be designed to help fish move through or around the barrier to get where they need to go.

At Kletzsch, MMSD is planning to design and build a passage channel that goes around the dam on the east side of the river. The Kletzsch Dam Fish Passage project is intended to address required dam repairs and to provide fish passage for native species within the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern. Kletzsch Dam is the largest remaining fish passage barrier on the Milwaukee River between Lake Michigan and Grafton.

Partner Lead: MMSD, Milwaukee County Parks

Status: Implementation

Outcome: Restored Ecosystems

More Information: Project Info, FAQ’s, Kletzsch Dam FactsheetNov 2021 Project Update Video