Milwaukee River Greenway

Restoring unique habitat and enhancing diversity along one of Milwaukee’s most vital ecological and recreational corridors. The landscape that surrounds the Milwaukee River, known as the Greenway, contains communities of plants, animals, and natural features that have become rare throughout the County.

Centering on sites with the greatest restoration potential, this project seeks improve floodplain and upland forest, shrubland, wetland, and aquatic habitat on approximately 240 acres of natural area in Lincoln, Hubbard, Kern, Pleasant Valley, Gordon and Riverside Parks, as well as section 5 of the Milwaukee River Parkway.

Partner Lead: Milwaukee County Parks

Status: Design

Outcome: Restored Ecosystems

More Information:  Milwaukee River Greenway Fact SheetMilwaukee River Greenway FAQ, Milwaukee River Greenway Ecological Restoration & Management Plan (Part 1: Goals to Timeline, Part 2: Project Maps, Part 3: Appendices and Tables)