Restored Ecosystems

Activities such as filling in wetlands, clear cutting forests, and polluting the waterways with sewage and toxic industrial chemicals have harmed fish and wildlife and their habitats. We are now working to restore the habitat in the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern.

When we talk about habitat restoration the first thing we need to answer is, “what is an ecosystem?” Ecosystems are dynamic communities of living things – plants, animals, insects, and microorganisms – which interact with the physical environment around them as a healthy, self-sustaining system. When we are restoring habitat we are looking to repair the damage to those ecosystems, and in turn, the plant, fish, and wildlife species that depend on them – including us!

There are 27 fish and wildlife habitat restoration projects in the Area of Concern.

There are three main goals for habitat projects:

  • – Improve the quality of land habitats,
  • – Improve aquatic habitats, and
  • – Improve connectivity between fish and wildlife populations.

Outcome: Restored Ecosystems

More Information: Habitat Restoration Fact Sheet; Habitat Restoration FAQ