Solvay Car Ferry Slip

Solvay Car Ferry Slip

We Energies is partnering with local, state, and federal agencies to clean up portions of the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern. We Energies is committed to remediating sediment within the Milwaukee Solvay Coke & Gas Site Car Ferry Slip (Solvay Car Ferry Slip), located on the west bank of the Kinnickinnick River, just north of the Kinnickinnick Avenue Bridge. 

This project will focus on remediating approximately 1 acre of contaminated sediment associated with 120-plus years of industrial operation on the property, including coke production, rail car ferry operations, electric railroad operation, blast furnace operation for iron production, and hide tanning. Sediment remediation is anticipated to include a 2-foot-thick, clean, imported sand cover that will isolate contaminated sediments and allow historic infrastructure to remain in place, reducing the impact of the remediation activities on the aquatic habitat and local community. 

By addressing contaminated sediment, water quality will improve, resulting in safer public use of the waterway and improved wildlife habitat and fisheries in this area. We Energies anticipates remedial design development and review by the WDNR to occur in 2024. Remedial action work will take place after all approvals and permits are received.

Partner Lead: We Energies

Status: Design

Outcome: Cleaned-up Waterways

More Information: Factsheet